Things That Are Triangular in Shape

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Triangles are three-sided shapes characterized by three points and three sides. They come in various types based on their sides and angles: equilateral (all sides and angles are equal), isosceles (two equal sides and angles), and scalene (no equal sides or angles). As fundamental shapes in geometry, triangles have properties and theorems, such as the Pythagorean theorem for right triangles, that are foundational to various mathematical and real-world applications.

Here’s a visual list of things that are triangular (with a longer, informative dot point list of triangular things below):


Many of these foods might not be naturally triangular but are often shaped or served in triangle forms for aesthetic, cultural, or practical reasons.

  • Samosas: A popular Indian snack with a savory filling, often folded into a triangular shape.
  • Quesadillas: When folded over and cut, these often take a triangular form.
  • Sandwiches: When cut diagonally, sandwiches (especially the club type) turn into two triangles.
  • Pizza slices: Pizzas are typically round but are served in triangular slices.
  • Nachos: Tortilla chips, often triangular in shape, used in Mexican cuisine.
  • Doritos: A brand of flavored tortilla chips that are triangular.
  • Spanakopita: A Greek pastry with a filling of spinach and feta cheese, often served as triangles.
  • Baklava: A sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey; sometimes cut into triangles.
  • Triangular wraps: Some wraps or roll-ups are cut into triangle shapes for presentation.
  • Scones: Depending on the region, scones can be cut into rounds, squares, or triangles before baking.
  • Tortilla wedges: Used for dips or snacks, these are often triangular.
  • Cheese triangles: Soft cheeses like The Laughing Cow are often packaged in triangular portions.
  • Tea sandwiches: Delicate sandwiches served with afternoon tea, sometimes cut into triangles.
  • Rugelach: A Jewish pastry that, while more crescent-shaped, can sometimes appear triangular.
  • Triangular toasts: Toasts cut into triangles for dips or toppings.
  • Onigiri: A Japanese rice ball often molded into a triangular shape and wrapped with seaweed.
  • Triangular chocolate bars: Toblerone is a notable example.
  • Triangular pies: Some pies, either savory or sweet, are molded into triangle shapes before baking.
  • Quiches: When sliced, these savory pies often have a triangular form.
  • Triangular canapés: These are often designed for bite-size appeal and can be shaped as triangles.

Everyday Objects

Here’s a list of everyday objects that are triangular in shape or have a triangular aspect:

  • Traffic signs: Particularly the “yield” or “give way” sign, which uses an inverted triangle shape to signal drivers to prepare to stop if necessary.
  • Set squares: Essential tools in geometry and drafting, these are often shaped like right-angle triangles to help draw accurate angles and lines.
  • Pyramid paperweights: Desk decorations shaped like mini-pyramids, often made of glass or crystal.
  • Toblerone chocolate packaging: This iconic chocolate brand is known for its unique triangular prism packaging, housing individual chocolate peaks.
  • Tent: Traditional A-frame tents showcase a prominent triangular profile, helping shed wind and rain efficiently.
  • Paper airplane: A favorite pastime for many, basic designs often fold paper into a triangular shape, providing aerodynamic lift.
  • Triangle musical instrument: A three-sided metal percussion instrument, it produces a distinct metallic ring when struck.
  • Mountain: Naturally occurring geographical formations, many mountains and peaks offer a recognizable triangular silhouette against the skyline.
  • Shoehorn: While designs vary, some shoehorns are triangular, aiding in smoothly inserting a foot into a shoe.
  • Wedges: These are triangular tools used for various purposes, from splitting wood to acting as simple door stoppers.
  • Pool/billiards rack: Essential in games like snooker and pool, this rack arranges balls into a triangular shape at the start of the game.
  • Pizza slice holder: Small triangular supports, usually made of plastic or cardboard, which prevent the top of a pizza box from touching the pizza.
  • Earrings: Numerous earring designs embrace a triangular shape, ranging from simple studs to elaborate dangles.
  • Scarves: When folded diagonally, many scarves take on a triangular shape, making them easy to drape around the neck.
  • Bookmarks: Certain designs are triangular, fitting snugly into the corner of a page and marking one’s place.
  • Rulers: Specifically, triangular rulers used in architectural and engineering drafting help measure and draw straight lines.
  • Cheese slicer: Some models come with a triangular-shaped blade, making slicing through hard cheeses easier.
  • Hanger for ties or scarves: With a triangular profile, these hangers are designed to keep ties and scarves in good shape.
  • Guitar pick: The classic design is triangular, allowing players to strum strings with precision.
  • Chip clips: Designed to seal open snack bags, some models are triangular, offering a firm grip.
  • Roof truss: This integral part of most building constructions has a triangular framework, which provides stability and distributes weight effectively.
  • Triangle flags or bunting: These decorative items, used for festivities or events, often feature a series of triangular flags.
  • Certain stamps: A few countries have issued triangular postage stamps, making them unique collector’s items.
  • Pizza slice server: Designed to lift and serve pizza slices, these utensils often mimic the triangular shape of a pizza slice for ease of use.
  • Triangular knitting needles: These needles are designed with a triangular cross-section, providing a unique grip and preventing stitches from slipping off.


Here’s a list of plants that exhibit triangular shapes or aspects in their structure, leaves, or other parts. Remember, while some of these plants may have distinctly triangular features, the appearance can vary based on species, age, and growing conditions:

  • Triangle Palm: Known for its distinct triangular trunk, this palm tree is native to Madagascar and is often grown as an ornamental plant.
  • Water Chestnut: This aquatic plant has rosettes of triangular-shaped leaves that float on the water surface.
  • Arrowhead Plant: This plant gets its name from the arrowhead-shaped (triangular) leaves. It’s often grown as a houseplant.
  • Maidenhair Fern: Some species of this fern have triangular fronds, making it unique among fern varieties.
  • Papyrus: Historically used to make paper in ancient Egypt, this plant has a triangular stem.
  • Triangular Club-rush: This plant has distinctly triangular stems and is commonly found in wet habitats.
  • Bamboo: Some species of bamboo have a triangular cross-section, especially when young.
  • Haworthias: Some species have triangular leaves, making them distinct in the world of succulents.
  • Aloe Polyphylla (Spiral Aloe): This unique aloe plant grows in a spiral pattern with triangular-shaped leaves.
  • Duckweed: Some species of this aquatic plant have a roughly triangular shape, especially when observed from a distance.
  • Sagittaria: Commonly found in aquatic environments, many species have arrowhead or triangular-shaped leaves.
  • Yuccas: Several yucca plants, especially when young, have leaves that appear triangular in cross-section.
  • Triangular Cactus: Some cacti species have a distinct triangular cross-section, with three pronounced ridges running along their stems.
  • Rushes: Some species in the rush family have stems that are triangular in cross-section.
  • Elephant Ear: While many have heart-shaped leaves, some varieties lean more towards a triangular shape.

Tourist Attractions and Buildings

Triangular architecture and landmarks can be found all over the world. Here are some notable triangular tourist sites, attractions, or buildings:

  • The Pyramid of Giza, Egypt: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, this pyramid is the epitome of triangular structures.
  • The Shard, London: A modern skyscraper and the tallest building in the UK, it has a distinctive pyramidal shape.
  • Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco: A modernist pyramid that’s one of the most recognizable parts of the city’s skyline.
  • Aomori Museum of Art, Japan: This museum features a massive triangular entrance and is known for its contemporary design.
  • Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea: A prominent pyramid-shaped skyscraper in Pyongyang, although it remains incomplete.
  • Louvre Pyramid, Paris: A glass and metal pyramid serving as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum.
  • Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, Memphis: Originally an arena, this structure was transformed into a massive retail and entertainment facility inside a pyramid.
  • Walter Pyramid, California: Located at Long Beach State University, it’s used mainly for sporting events.
  • The Tetrahedron, Germany: A massive walkable pyramid in Bottrop serves as both an art piece and a viewpoint over the Ruhr area.
  • Pyramid of Cestius, Rome: An ancient pyramid tomb located near the Porta San Paolo.
  • Kukulcán Pyramid (El Castillo), Mexico: Located in Chichén Itzá, this step pyramid stands as a testament to the Maya-Toltec civilization.
  • Via 57 West, New York City: A residential building known for its unique tetrahedral shape.
  • The Pyramids of Sudan, Nubia: Less famous than their Egyptian counterparts but equally impressive, they once served as tombs for the kings and queens of ancient Nubia.
  • Sun Temple of Konark, India: While not a pyramid, the temple’s main structure has a distinctive triangular shape, representing a chariot’s sails.
  • Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacán, Mexico: A large pyramid structure that stands opposite the Pyramid of the Sun.


Numerous logos either are triangular in shape or prominently feature triangles in their design. Here’s a list:

  • Adidas Originals: Features a triangle or trefoil shape in its logo.
  • Columbia Sportswear: Incorporates a triangle in its logo, which represents a compass needle pointing northwest.
  • Prismacolor: The brand logo has a prism, a triangular shape, in its design.
  • Delta Airlines: Uses a triangle (in the shape of a delta Greek letter) in its logo design.
  • Google Drive: The logo showcases a triangle to represent its cloud storage service.
  • CAT (Caterpillar Inc.): The construction and mining equipment company has a triangle in its logo.
  • Citgo: The oil company has a prominent triangle in its branding.
  • Daft Punk: The electronic music duo uses a split triangle in many of their album arts and branding.
  • Gaymers Cider: The brand uses a triangle in its logo.
  • Mountain Dew: Uses a stylized mountain, which is essentially a triangle, in its logo.
  • Fila: The sportswear company incorporates a triangle shape in its logo design.
  • Hovis: The bread company logo features a triangular shape.
  • Pyrex: The brand logo features a triangle as part of its design.
  • Toblerone: The chocolate brand not only has a triangular logo but the chocolate itself is also triangular.
  • Roxy: A brand for women’s sportswear and related apparel, Roxy’s logo is essentially two Quiksilver logos (which is a wave) combined to form a heart shape, which is also triangular.
  • Mitsubishi: The logo is made up of three diamonds, but they combine to create a triangular feel.
  • Autodesk: Uses a triangle in its stylized “A” logo.
  • Eiffel Tower’s logo: Represents the iconic tower, which is triangular in shape.
  • Zelda (Triforce): While not a brand, the game series “The Legend of Zelda” features a triangular symbol known as the Triforce.
  • Guess: The clothing brand has a question mark inside an inverted triangle as its logo.

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